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From the real Island of Java, YB2SV is an amateur radio station, located in OI52DT Grid Locator, and very active mostly on High Frequency, on almost every modes


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Dedicated ham radio operator from the Island of Java. He is an everything a ham radio wants to be. Mastering himself in every mode of wireless transmission he is now at present exploring cyberham mode.


This page is nothing more than a complete information center about ham radio in YB_Land. See for yourself and explore, you could even find a complete descriptions about the country.


Here is another ham radio operator, mostly active on satellite communications, and he is also a very succesfull executive in computer and electronics field


From Bandung, a town also called "the Paris of Java" this HamPage provides more informations about how beautiful Bandung is, a town long known as "kota Kembang or Flowers city", where many flowers bloom everywhere in the city parks and its soil troughout the year


Here is another dedicated ham radio operator from Bandung. He is as a matter of fact, the master or guru and a leading expert in ham radio's digital communications and cybertech. As a prominent lecturer in Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), which is considered to be the best technology institute in the region, he is also very active in every cyber_seminar throughout the country.


He operates from Cirebon, West Java. This HamPage brings you informations about the old history of the Sultanate of Cirebon, back in the early days of Western part of Java Island

Radio Amateurs of Canada

Don't miss this link! This large multilingual (English & France) HamPage provides in depth informations on everything you want to know about ham radio activities in Canada and worldwide. Thanks to Ken - VE3PU for this nice link.

Ashley's space world

This link will guide you to the ham radio space environment, most of AMSAT world and even those real space centers, an exiting field where thousands of ham radio operators are challenging the new frontier.


From Korea, far away from home, Butch - WA4GIF created this sophisticated HamPage for you to surf. Check the exiting pages and links, and you will find more than you are expecting


Here is another ham radio delights, browse its wormholes and find those excitements.

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BES Computer Salatiga

See what is available in this remote part of the world


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